What kind of disposable lunch box will become the mainstream of the market in the future?

The eco-friendly disposable lunch box market has the broadest prospects. However, if the eco-friendly disposable lunch box wants to take a healthy development route, it must be based on the eco-friendly lunch box product quality standards and the vigorous supervision of the industry by relevant departments, and market demand-oriented. Besides, It should be solved the relationship between the localization of product raw material sources, the automation of production processes, the standardization of product quality, the marketization of product sales, and the industrialization of recycling.

In the future, high-quality disposable lunch boxes will become the mainstream of the market, and PP disposable lunch boxes can be said to be the higher grade of environmental protection lunch boxes. This material is polypropylene, which meets the safety standard. The so-called safety standard is the extent to which the degraded components will not threaten human health. The full name of PP is polypropylene. Polypropylene resin is not only rich in raw materials, but also light in weight and better in performance ratio. In addition, it also has excellent heat resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, easy recovery and other characteristics. It is one of the most widely used and fastest growing resins in the world.


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