What Are The Characteristics Of Environmentally Friendly Disposable Packaging Boxes

What are the characteristics of environmentally friendly disposable packaging boxes:

    What should a truly environmentally friendly disposable packaging box look like? Professionals in the industry have given new standards as follows:

  1. Safety and hygiene: The disposable packaging box should use food-grade raw materials, never add fillers and meet the national health and safety standards.

  2. Strong practicability: The disposable packaging box should also be leak-proof, leak-proof, hard enough, freezeable, and microwaveable.

  3. Environmental protection material: PP itself is a kind of recyclable and recyclable plastic, and it will not produce toxic gas during regeneration. It is an environmental protection material, so it is safe to use as a disposable packing box.

  4. Recycling available: The rigidity of the disposable packaging box is strong enough to be used at home for recycling.https://www.yiqiangplastic.com/index.html


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