Development prospect of disposable lunch box in the future

In the post-epidemic period, with the recovery of the catering industry and the rise of the stall economy, the market's demand for disposable lunch boxes has risen rapidly, and the output has continued to expand. According to data, if one disposable lunch box is consumed for every 15 yuan, China consumed 19.8 billion disposable lunch boxes in 2017, and the consumption of disposable lunch boxes in China in 2019 exceeded 40 billion. It is predicted that China will consume 45 billion disposable lunch boxes in 2020. Taking into account the strong growth in the amount of takeaway orders and the booming economy of the street stalls, the amount of disposable tableware produced by takeaways in the future will be huge.

In general, with the growth of the food delivery industry, disposable lunch boxes still maintain a strong growth trend, and the market prospects remain positive. The cost of disposable lunch boxes will rise. In the future, which company will grasp the advantages of environmentally friendly disposable lunch box production scale, effectively control costs, and gain greater competitiveness. Small enterprises with poor quality disposable lunch boxes will gradually be eliminated, and the market share of large enterprises will continue to increase.


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